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Thursday, March 29, 2007


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They are finally starting to build the concrete portion of the Children's Beach boat ramp. I was down there at the site today and saw the above two sections have been laid in place. I think they are making the sections off-Island and bringing them over by trailer truck on the freight boats. Here is another view of the project-

Shouldn't be long now when they wrap up this project that seemed to take forever.

I investigated that little black boat today that has been in here at the end of the Town Pier on and off. She looks to be a research vessel. Her name is Wolf River. No documentation numbers were visible on her hull and I could not see where she was homeported. Are research vessels exempt from documentation? Here are a couple of pictures of her. Notice in the second picture, the strange apparatus on her bow. I'm thinking it could be a sonar unit which can be lowered into the water?

I spied another research boat tied up on Straight Wharf recently. Her name is Carol Leigh. I believe she's a 25' Parker. Not sure what she is researching either. Here's her picture-

The western rigged scalloper, Miss Maria was at the Town Pier today also. When I was there checking out the Wolf River, her catch was being offloaded and sold to a local fish market. I heard the price paid to the fishermen for sea scallops is $6 per pound now. That is down from a high of $9 earlier this year.
Here's a shot of the Miss Maria-

Only one bay scalloper ventured out in Town today. And one went out in Madaket. The strong wind today kept most of the guys on shore. I know of two people who got their 5 bushel limit of scallops one day this week. Tomorrow is the last day of the commercial bay scallop season.

Warmer weather is right around the corner. The charter boat slips along Straight Wharf will soon be filled-

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Anonymous said...

I think they are involved with surveying Great Round Shoal Channel. Some of the draggers have been complaining of some shoaling in the main channel over the last few years. I could be wrong though.