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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Work In Progress

While I was down at the Town Pier the other day, I noticed a little sailboat tied to the dock named Quahog. The owner of the boat is David Wiley. You probably have seen this boat in his driveway on Union Street for several months while David did a lot of work to her. He splashed her in late September and kept her on a mooring out in the harbor. He figured he better bring her into the dock in anticipation of winter storms. I'm not a big fan of rag boats. Does anyone know what type of boat this is? Click on the picture above for a larger shot. As always, you can click on any of the pictures I post on the blog and they will come up larger.

Five or Six guys went out scalloping today. A couple of them are steaming way up into the head of the harbor to fish. I heard that one scalloper fell out of his boat into the icy water this morning. Luckily someone saw him go in and rescued him. The water temp is around 44 degrees now. With heavy oilskins, several layers of clothing and a pair of boots on, one would not be able to jump back into a boat without help.

No work was done at the new Children's Beach boat ramp today other than AGM Marine delivering a barge and crane there.

Work continued today at GHYC.

Over in the F/V Regulus thread, I asked what the insignia was on the bow of the boat located down by the waterline. Two people left comments thinking it was a Plimsoll line. Recently, a reader posted a comment saying it is an indication that the vessel is equipped with a bulbous bow. I'm thinking this may be correct seeing that the insignia looks like a bulbous bow.

In case you're wondering what a bulbous bow is

Today's High & Low Temps.
High 51.4
Low 41.7


Anonymous said...

Bulbous bow makes perfect sense...T

George Hughes said...

Hey Martie,
I looked at the picture you had of the FV Regulas, and yes that is the indicator to show the vessel has a bulbous bow. The reason to show this is because it protrudes beyond the waterline, albeit underneath it.

Martie said...

Thanks for that, George. Nice to see you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

That's it for sure - my mistake.

Tom McGlinn

Martie said...

No prob, Tom. Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

She's a Friendship sloop....T

Martie said...

Friendship Sloop. Thanks, Tobey. I need to learn how to ID sailboats.

Cap'n T said...

Actually I stand corrected. I spoke with Dave Wiley today and she is actually Crocker built in Amesbury, not a Friendship. Cap'n T