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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Seal Cruise To The East Jetty

I went out on a VERY foggy seal cruise in my boat today to the east jetty. There were around 100 or so harbor seals lounging on the rocks. I spotted one horsehead seal in the mix. All the seals appeared to be healthy except for the one I took the picture of above. He looked to be sick and he has some sort of injury to his right eye. I hope the poor little guy makes it. Here's another shot of the seals-

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures. It was so foggy out there, I could hardly see the seals. And I had my camera on full zoom without a monopod making matters worse. I did a little work on them in Photoshop to clean them up a bit. Anyway, I hope you "get the picture."

While I was out there cruising around, I noticed the #2 buoy at the entrance to the main channel was recently replaced with an odd shaped one. I have never seen this type of buoy here before. Here's a picture of it-

Does anyone know why the old #2 buoy was replaced with this new one? Please answer in the comments section.

Two boats came in early this morning. The United States and the Luso American. Both are sea scallopers. When I was down there at the dock checking them out, They were both boarded by the Environmental Police and the Coast Guard. It's nice to see both of those agencies doing their job checking these fisherman out and making sure they are playing by the rules. I did not see any violations being given to either boat.

Today's High & Low Temps.

High 49.6
Low 41.4


Anonymous said...

They had that out there last year for a while. The other one must be getting a new paint job. It's made for ice. By the end of next week, there may be some ice "making up" in some of the upper parts of the harbors.


Martie said...

Thanks for that, Blair. A rather odd looking buoy to say the least. I thought I was in a different harbor when that buoy came out of the fog at me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the seal photos. Even sickly-fogged-in seals are adorable.
My dog and I met a seal on the beach near 40th pole two winters ago when the ice was piled up about 6ft high between the water's edge and the dunes. I never saw my dog move so fast as when he was reprimanded by that seal for getting too close. I don't think he'll ever go sniffing around a seal again!

Anonymous said...

that type of bouy is called an "ice bouy" it is designed to run under the ice rather than on top of it. When the ice flows lift an aid to navigation like the old #2 it can be ripped from its sinker on the bottom anc carrier away...which gets prety expensive for the Coast Guard. Don't worry, the old one will be back come spring. Keep up the good work