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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Rare Calm Waterfront

I was able to get several shots this past weekend of a calm waterfront. Very rare for this time of the year. We usually experience daily ever-living gales during the winters here. We are finally getting some cold weather after about 7 years of mild winters. This morning, it was 5 degrees. The cold will be short lived, though. In a couple days it is forecasted to be in the 40's with rain. We still have not had any snow this winter. Well, we had one snowfall of about 6 inches but that is the only time it has snowed here. The rest of America is getting snowstorm after snowstorm. We completely miss the storms or it changes to a warm rain. Here are a few pictures I grabbed while I was lurking around the waterfront this past weekend-

Ice starting to form in the Boat Basin.
Hy-Line fast ferry coming into port among Canada Geese.
Canada Geese off Old North Wharf.
Canada Geese.
The new windmill at the High School dominating the once beautiful waterfront skyline.
The always idle dragger, Ruthie B.
The wreck, Miss China waiting to be towed to New Bedford and destroyed at our expense.
Straight Wharf from an interesting perspective.
Boat Basin office and the Ruthie B. Note the massive ugly new water tower ruining the skyline.
Ducks under a bird feeder waiting for a meal on South Wharf.
Reflections in the Boat Basin.
Duck at Petrel Landing.
Duck at Petrel Landing.
Duck at Petrel Landing.

Reflections at Straight Wharf.

Buck Of The Week:
Here, I set up my trail cam at a point where three deer trails intersect. I documented a lot of deer on the cam in this particular spot including this buck. He was very interested in my camera and circled around for a close inspection. I am searching for his antlers now as they started to drop them a couple weeks ago. Click on the picture twice to enlarge.

On a completely unrelated note, I had a rare visitor to my bird feeders last week. A White-Winged Crossbill. Interesting little bird. I have never seen one before.


Richard said...

Great shots as usual.I see the Miss China is still with us and I'm confused about this.The town is broke and laying off employees but we need to come up with $20,000.00 to get rid of the vessel.Should'nt the guy that towed it over here tow it back and let the town of Nantucket keep the 20 thousand? I'm missing something here.

Jaime Michele Connelly said...

Love all of the new pictures! I have never seen that kind of bird before either. Gorgeous shot! The Waterfront shots are so surreal. And I love the ones of the duck! He was looking at you!!!!

Martie said...

Thanks, Jame. I'm bummed about the picture of the week not working on the homepage.

Martie said...

Picture of the week is working again.

Sharon Van Lieu said...

What a great post, Martie. I especially liked all the bird shots from geese to ducks to the strange little bird at the feeder. Really nice work on all of these.


Martie said...

Thank you, Sharon. It was so tranquil down at the waterfront that day. I usually have to hang on for dear life to a piling so I don't get blown off the wharf while grabbing shots. It was a nice change.

David said...

I liked your comments regarding the windmill and the water tower messing up what were pristine skylines.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the pidgon coop off Monamoy should go along with Miss China.

Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming, anonymous. That pigeon coop is here to stay on the harbor. Until it sinks and causes another severe threat to navigation.