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Friday, November 14, 2008

Back To Commercial Scalloping

We were finally allowed to get back out on the water yesterday and resume fishing. The State voted to allow the fishermen to legally harvest the nub scallop. Now it's back to business as usual for the fishermen after being off the water for a week and a half.

Here's the sunrise from yesterday-

As the sun was rising, there was a rainbow in the western sky. I have never seen the sun rising and a rainbow at the same time. Amazing-

And the scene from Hussey Shoal early this morning with everyone having a good time back scalloping and catching their full limits of scallops-

A tug came in recently to tow one of AGM's barges back to the mainland from Old North Wharf-

I spotted the Milestone recently at the Town Pier. She's an Ottison built boat. I have not seen her for a long long time. I remember Lowell Whitford used to fish her. Nice to see her back-

Marina Finch at George Andrew's scallop shanty on Old North Wharf-

Captain Bob Rank scalloping in the thick fog-

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Anonymous said...

Is that really the Milestone? I fished that for a while then sold it to Lowell. I bought it from John Webber, but he never used it. It sat for a long time down next to Millie's while she was still alive. Nice boat. Inboard diesel with a tunnel hull and a little well to access the prop from inside. It was all hydraulis with two bronze pot-haulers. I loaned one of the cat heads to Rick Kotlac so he could have a cast made from it. That's how he was able to sell bronze cat heads. Ah, the good ol' days.