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Friday, July 11, 2008

Sailboat Catches Fire On Straight Wharf

A big sailboat named Timoneer med-moored off the east face of Straight Wharf caught fire this afternoon. Looks like it started in the engine room. The fire was quickly put out. Captain Tobey Leske was out on the water in his boat and grabbed a few shots. Photos Copyright 2008 by Tobey Leske. Not to be used without permission-


Anonymous said...

That's sad. I hate to see any boat burn. That boat is particularly beautiful, with the interior designed by local designer Barbara Halsted, of Fenwick Interiors on Prospect Street.
QUESTION for Mister Mack...
Does that CG vessel pump harbor water onto the fire? Just curios how it all works.

Martie said...

Yes, the Coast Guard boat pumps harbor water.