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Friday, June 6, 2008

Tyrone And Other Boats

During my final lurk of the waterfront today, I spied an old wooden sailboat laying against the east face of Commercial Wharf. Her name is Tyrone and she hails from Chatham, MA. Not sure what kind of a boat she is as I'm not a fan of rag boats. Perhaps someone could chime in and let us know in the comments section of the blog. Here are a few pictures of Tyrone-

Tommy Dunham has started fluking in the Sound in his little wooden western rigged dragger, 3 & 1-

Tate's new (to him) Cabo-

Mother duck and her babies-


Jake said...

final lurk????

Martie said...

Yeah, for today anyway.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what kind of a boat she is? She's a sailboat for cryin out loud!

Martie said...

There's always a wise a$$ in the group. ;^)

PaintingsofNantucket said...

Marie, The Rag boat is a schooner and beautiful boat. yes a sail boat. Great lines for a early 1900s boat. I have painted several of this style. I would love to paint this boat with the the ukrainian Church in the back ground. By the way enjoy your blog. I'll be coming out to Nantucket in a few weeks to do some painting. I specialize in custom paintings of scenes of Nantucket.

Tom McGlinn said...

Here's a website for the schooner.

Some boat!


Martie said...

Thanks, Tom!