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Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday The 13th

There were an awful lot of boats out on the water today even though it was friday the 13th. I guess most guys are not superstitious. There were a ton of boats out east today. I counted 17 in one small area. Most of them came over from the Cape to fish here. If you look closely at the first picture, you will notice a large flock of gulls feeding on the bait at the surface-

I motored my old girl over to the east jetty to do a little birding as the fishing wasn't very good this afternoon. I was treated to several large Egrets and a few Oyster Catchers and a Black-Crowned Night Heron thrown into the mix-

A couple of elderly gents were trying their luck at the cormorant rookery in a 24 Nauset named Swan Song-

I spotted this 42 Osmond in the mooring field. She looks like a tuna boat. I wonder what that reel apparatus is on her stern -


Anonymous said...

I noticed the Triton out there. Have you heard her underway yet? That red bucket is covering the exhaust pipe and man is she loud. Any idea who owns her? I still don't get the concept of the green stick either.

Martie said...

Not sure who owns her. She's on a Holdgate mooring. I'm thinking by looking at her exhaust pipe that she has a big diesel, possibly an 800 hp or bigger. Here's a site that explains the concept of greenstick fishing. Copy and paste the URL to your browser.

Anonymous said...

Marty & Dan,

Triton is a 42 Osmond from New Jersey. She ply's the water from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico fishing Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna. Jeff Henderson is running the boat for the owner this summer.

I fished her for Bluefin down in Beaufort N.C. a few years ago. She's a comfortable set up to fish in most conditions. It's a big cat in the engine room (600hp?)so earplugs are a good investment
I imagine she will be bluefinning and fishing the canyons as well this summer and fall.


Anonymous said...

The gear on the stern is a bandit reel that is hydaulic. It works in conjunction with the greenstick setup. How about the lights on the mast. You better put sunscreen on when they get fired up.
I believe it's a 600 hp cat in the engine room. I fished on her 3 years ago for bluefin off of Beaufort N.C.
She is being operated this summer by Jeff Henderson for her owner. I would guess it will be heading to the canyons or out east on most of it's trips. I'll be bringing my earplugs along for the ride when I go.

Martie said...

Thanks for all that info, Ken!

Anonymous said...

Chris Warrin owns the boat.... Real nice guy! Runs a Viking for a living.

Anonymous said...
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Jordan said...

Looks like a lot of fishing boat equipment was out there! I need to get myself back into fishing. Thanks so much for the update!