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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Scenes From This Morning

Nice morning this morning. I was poking around the waterfront early and grabbed a few shots.

The Morro Bay-

Moorings waiting for the onslaught-

Two cranes-

Low tide!!-

Horseshoe Crabs mating and laying eggs in the sand down at the cricks-

Don't you hate when this happens when you are trying to haul your boat at the boat ramp? I think it's time for the Town to rebuild the new ramp so this won't happen to anyone else.


Anonymous said...

Or maybe it's time to take care of your trailer so the axle shackles don't rot off?

Martie said...

If you go down to the boat ramp, you will see how this happened to the trailer. Look at the north side of the ramp at low tide.

Anonymous said...

I have launched, and recovered, 5 different boats multiple times since that ramp was rebuilt, w/o a problem. Ya just gotta be smarter than the ramp.

Martie said...

You have not had a trailer fall between the concrete slabs and the dock yet.

Anonymous said...

"You have not had a trailer fall between the concrete slabs and the dock yet."

No, because I was paying attention.

So how did the tire get over the 12x12?

Martie said...

It didn't happen at the end of the ramp. It happened on the side of it. You shouldn't have to constantly pay attention at the ramp when you are trying to launch or haul a boat. There are too many places in the new ramp where your trailer can become stuck. The old ramp was not this bad.

Anonymous said...

I understood that the ramp was to be corrected over this past winter. I might have missed it, but doubt that Martie would have. So, what's the scoop?

Unfortunately it seems to be the continuing saga of no quality control or professional oversight of Town infrastructure projects.

Martie said...

I was at a SHAB meeting this past winter and was told that the new ramp was to be rebuilt. I'm not sure when that will happen. I will let you know. We need a new Children's Beach boat ramp as soon as possible. There are far to many design flaws in the new ramp.