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Friday, April 25, 2008

Still Morning At The Waterfront

Beautiful morning down at the waterfront today. Clear and still.


Dory resting on the calm harbor-

Mist rising from the creeks-

The M/V Nantucket is back on line. It looks as though she has a new wheelhouse-

Brant Point Light all decked out for Daffy Day-

The waterfront in the early morning-


Anonymous said...

I see the windows are raked forward on the wheelhouse of the Nantucket. I wonder if it was done for ease of viewing at night. With windows raked back, you get glare from your instruments disrupting visibility at night.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they enclosed the stairways between the top and mezzanine decks as well.


Martie said...

It looks like she got a whole new wheelhouse. I think her old one had only five windows across the front of it. And what is that new little addition below the wheelhouse?

Anonymous said...

I think they probably extended the sitting area in front of the cafe'. Not much room and remember they had to close the curtains at night because of backscatter in the wheelhouse? That extention probably reduced that problem.