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Friday, March 14, 2008

Marina: Nantucket's Only Woman Commercial Bay Scalloper

There are a few women who crew on bay scallop boats but Marina Finch is the only one who owns and operates her own scallop boat. Marina went with Neil Cocker as a culler on his boat for several years before she bought a little Grady White boat that Gibby Nickerson owned. She is now enjoying her second year as a commercial scalloper. This winter, Marina bought Karsten Reinemo's 23' Sea Ox boat which she will rig up and use next season.

Here are a couple pictures of Marina and her scallop boat-


Anonymous said...

I noticed Marina is wearing an automatically inflatable life jacket. Why don't more scallopers wear life jackets???

Martie said...

I'm thinking it wouldn't be fashionable for us to wear life jackets out there scalloping, Barb. The guys would make fun of us.

Jake said...

It may have killed bill blount. he would not have been able to duck under to avoid his out of control boat!

Anonymous said...


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