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Saturday, January 5, 2008

What's The Consensus?

I changed the look of the blog today. I wonder what you all think of the change. Take the poll on the right or leave a comment in the comment section. Thanks.

[EDIT 1/6/2007] Is the white background any better or should I just go back to the old look?


Anonymous said...

Martie - I love the photo on your website but I also liked the old look. Have you considered making a calendar? You are a very talented photographer. Judy Fee

Anonymous said...

Martie, my vote would be #'s 2 & combined: No & Bring back the old look. Did you have extra ecru colored paint that you needed to use? :wink:

Martie said...

Thank You, Judy. Not sure about a calender. We'll see.

Tom McGlinn said...

Like the white, new version.


Anonymous said...

like the ecru....T