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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Storm Aftermath/Scallops on Beaches

Spent the day surveying the damage from yesterdays storm. Several boats either sunk or washed up on various beaches around the island.

This 30 foot live-aboard never made it-

These two wrecks were wedged up against the first pier at Monomoy-

The pier leading out to the very end of North Wharf collapsed-

Lionel Starr back in the water after hauling out for the storm-

Easton Street flooded-

Took a ride out to Madaket as well. It was a mess-

During the storm, thousands of bushels of scallops washed ashore in several different locations around the waterfront. I went to Folgers and Hulbert Ave to take pictures. Folgers had the most amount of scallops on the beach. I counted 75 people at Folgers today taking scallops off the beach. There were around 30 people along Hulbert Ave taking the scallops on the beach. I would say that over 90% of the scallops I saw washed up on the beaches today were adults. There were very little, if any, seed.

From Folgers-

This dog was getting in on the action too-

Scenes from Hulbert Ave and the scallops on the beach there-

Sunset over the storm damaged waterfront-

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