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Monday, October 29, 2007


Toscana's Barge and tug were here the other day. They were loading containers on the barge. Not sure what was in the containers. Captain Tim Reinemo is running the tug for Toscana. He told me that it takes 12 hours to go from here to New Beige towing a loaded barge.

The guys are splashing their scallop boats and getting ready for the start of the commercial scallop season which begins this thursday.

The wreck of the Sargent still at Monomoy and still posing a severe threat to navigation. This is going on 4 years now that it has been there. The Shearwater is in the background.

I spotted this nice 28 Parker in the Boat Basin this past weekend. A couple of local guys own her.

The Great Point laid up at Straight Wharf.


Anonymous said...

Tim was lucky to sneek out of NB with all the Hurricane Barrier closures they had this week with the high tides.

Anonymous said...

The 28 Parker is beautiful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any idea what hole the tugs usualy use to get to Nantucket from NB? Robinsons/Quicks/Woods or do they go around Cuttyhunk?