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Friday, September 28, 2007

Miss China

There is a new addition to the liveaboard fleet here in the harbor. Captain Blair Perkins towed the wooden boat, Miss China, over from Hyannis last night with his boat, the Shearwater. I believe the Miss China is around 75-80 feet in length. Here's a couple of pictures of Miss China I grabbed today-

I spotted this rig tied up at the Boat Basin yesterday. She is propelled by a small electric motor. She must do all of 1 or 2 knots wide open-

I hardly ever see a bird around the waterfront known as a Kingfisher. I might be lucky enough to spot one or two a year. Today I saw one out at Hither Crick. They are very skittish thus difficult to photograph. The only way I was able to get this shot was to set my camera on full zoom as the bird was perched far away on a catboat mast-

Click Here for information on the Kingfisher


Anonymous said...

Any idea on who owns the Miss China and what type of fishing they intend to do? I wonder if you'll see it up habbah at 6:30 on opening day with a brand new culling board and a set of dredges?

Anonymous said...

Its Joe Dooley's new abode. Hasn't run in over a year, been abandoned by two owners, and is nothing more than an ecological disaster waiting to happen.

Hyannis is feeling very relieved to no longer have it in their harbor

Anonymous said...

On a number of occations this summer there has been a kingfisher along with the cormorants on the bulk head in polpis harbor.

Martie said...

Thanks for that. I'll be on the lookout for a Kingfisher on the bulkhead next summer.