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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Arrivals @ The Boat Basin

The activity down at the Boat Basin is starting to pick up a little. I think it's been rather slow down there this Summer but I could be wrong. Seems like there are always several empty slips.

There are a few interesting boats there now. It's worth taking a walk along the docks to see them in person. When I was there this afternoon, A 153' sailboat named Pink Gin tied up at the north face of Straight Wharf. She backed in all the way from the anchorage.

Note that she's from Southhampton.

Here's a shot of her nav station. Not sure why she has two stations only a couple of feet apart from each other. I would think that one station in the center would work fine. And there would be no need for redundant electronics displays and engine controls.

Still on Straight Wharf, this beauty caught my eye. Her name is Black Knight and she's from Oyster Bay, New York. A lot of brightwork on this old girl!

Notice her fake stack.

Yesterday, this steel schooner was tied up under the dock master's office. Her name is Hannibul-

Commercial Striped Bass season is set to end tomorrow, August 15th. The quota of 989,406 pounds will be reached by the end of the day. It was another short season this year, barely lasting a month.


Anonymous said...

I think the two stations are intended to give the helmsman an unobstructed view regardless of which side the mainsail is on.

I think Black Knight is the former Yorel from Hodgdon yachts who make the finest custom yachts in the world.

Anonymous said...

You are correct about the dual helms.

Black Knight was actually built at the Gody and Stephens Yard in East Boothbay, Me. back in 1968.