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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kayaking Through The Cricks

The Cricks is always an interesting place to go kayaking. I was there yesterday afternoon. There wasn't another soul in sight. Just me and the wildlife. Here are a few pictures I grabbed-

The entrance-

If you are into bird watching, this is the place to go. Around every corner I saw a different bird-

Town is so close but you would never know it. It's very peaceful in the cricks-

The perfect 1/4board for this house!-

An old twin engine wreck-

A tranquil part of the cricks-

Ottison's boats that they built-

A little cottage on the edge of the marsh-

Behind these houses is the rotary-

Winding through up towards the back of Marine Home Center-

Nearing Consue Springs. Too narrow here to proceed. Had to turn back-

Heading back out. Masts from sailboats in the mooring field-

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