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Monday, July 2, 2007

Egg On My Face

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you know that I followed the construction of the new Children's Beach boat ramp from day one until the day it was completed. It's all in the archives. I said it was too shallow and that I would never be able to launch my boat there. Well I was completely wrong. I used the new ramp twice now launching my 23' Sea Ox with absolutely no problem. I barely had to get the back tires of my pick-up truck wet in the process. I think that part of my success is the fact that I bought a brand new roller type trailer before I used the ramp.

I still see people having problems with the new ramp but the majority of boaters are not.

I will be eating crow for dinner tonite.


Anonymous said...

It is definitely different. I had great difficulty with my 26' Seaway. My 26' Glacier Bay was out of the question. Had to go to Madaket.


Anonymous said...

I was also skeptical. I need exactly 24" from trailer tires to bottom of hull. With just a little of my rear truck tires in below the rim, I can shove my 20' Maritime Skiff in with little effort at any tide; That is when boaters obey trailer etiquette and promptly remove vehicle and trailer and dock boat on other side of ramp.