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Monday, June 4, 2007

Storm/Boat Sunk

Interesting morning down at Children's Beach today. I witnessed a boat roll over and sink while I was there. The owner was contacted and rushed down to save the boat but it was too late. As soon as he arrived, she rolled and sank. Within 15 min. of the sinking, about 10 guys showed up to help roll her back over, de-water her and get her on a trailer. As that was taking place, this 22 Mako was going down-

Amazingly, she never sank. I went back at noontime and she was still there full of water.

I spotted this yacht on Sanford's dock today. Wonder if it's his?

Tommy Dunham's dragger, 3+1 is back ready for a summer of fishing for squid and fluke in the sound.

Von's boat, Whitney M is ready to be splashed as soon as he finishes painting her bottom.

Postscript: Coast Guard rescue off Nantucket.


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