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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Seeking Safe Harbor

The above boat is the only one that came in here today. Her name is Humbak. She's been here several times before. I thought there would be a steady line of boats filing in today in advance of the upcoming storm. Perhaps they are still out fishing and will wait till the last minute to head in.

Good news on the Children's Beach boat ramp project. The cofferdam was pumped out today. Here is a series of pictures I took down there late today- (Click on any picture to enlarge)

There is an electric pump inside of a pipe which is running full time pumping the water that seeps up through the bottom of the dam. This project is moving along nicely now. We need some warmer weather so they can start pouring the concrete slabs for the ramp.

Today's High & Low Temps
High 30.4
Low 17.6

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