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Saturday, February 9, 2013

February 9th Northeast Storm

We had quite a blow here last night and today. Not very much snow but a lot of wind. Anywhere between 70 and 90 mph. I went down to the waterfront during the storm to check on my scallop boat and take a few pictures-
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Flooding at the waterfront 2 hours before the high tide.

Finger piers under water 2 hours before the high tide at Straight Wharf.

A sinking scallop boat.
Old North Wharf under water two hours before the high tide.

Old North Wharf.
Tree down. East Polpis Harbor.

A very rough East Polpis Harbor.

A frozen salt spray encrusted house on the waterfront.


Richard said...

Did the noon ferry come over? Marshall's at the Cape Cod Mall is having a sale on dress shoes,Muffy and I have got to go! Any word?

Anonymous said...

How was the nubbin today? Looked like a nice lee up in the points.

Martie said...

Richard, the noon ferry did not come over during the storm. The captain of the Eagle would have made the crossing. He goes out in anything.

Anonymous, Nobody went nubbing. I'm sure Chuck would have went to Third Bend.

Sharon said...

Hi Martie, boy the waterfront looks a mess! We didn't try to come downtown. You did your usual fine work on the photos.

Glad to read about your eye surgery! You are too young to have those kinds of problems. I'm glad it was a success.


Martie said...

Thank you, Sharon. Check out my new pictures I grabbed this morning from the east end of the island. Major damage to the shrubs and houses along the harbor over there. Everything encased in salt water ice!
What a mess!!