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Friday, January 23, 2009

Flat Calm Today

Nice morning out scalloping today. Flat calm. A rare day on the water this time of the year.

Geff Folger-

My office-

Brant. These geese follow me around all day eating eel grass that gets stirred up by my dredges-

Captain Harvey Lynch-

Neil Cocker-

Captain Brian Borgeson in Blair's old boat-

Some ice moved in at one point today-

And finally, a video clip from today-


fishdude6 said...

Hello Marty,Nice pictures of the beautiful Nantucket harbor and the fleet.Another day off-that's 36% reduction in (Jan.) fishing effort.You guys should be more vocal in going on Saturdays.Just wait,it'll be a spectactular day.You'll get nice photos of guys in the coffee shops!

Martie said...

Thanks, cap.