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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Figawi 2008

The drunken wannabe sailors finally made it over here saturday with the help of light winds. I went down to the docks to have a look and wasn't impressed in the least with the crowd. A lot of people I know are against the Figawi race and the fact that it is held on the Memorial Day Weekend. I heard reports of several drunk people falling overboard and puking all over town. Nice.

Anyway, I took a few shots of the event.

Before the onslaught-


A few participants coming up on the Boat Basin under threatening skies-

Entering the Boat Basin-

Let the drinking begin-

The main beverage of choice-

Flags, masts and rigging-

The mosquito fleet all lined up-


Anonymous said...

Well, like it or not, the Figawi happens. I have learned to put up with/enjoy the antics that come with it. You know, it seems like the majority of the problems encountered each year are from non Figawi revelers. What happens in the Boat Basin stays in the Boat Basin, as soon as they are on terra firma, we own them ;)

Anonymous said...

Well put, semi-Anonymous Dan. Let's hear what the other liquor store owners think....hehehehe

Martie said...

Actually, I noticed while I was lurking around the docks yesterday that the Figawi crowd brought their own booze with them from America.

Anonymous said...

but chances are, they won't be picking up all their trash from the streets and bringing that back to America...

Martie said...

I'm just glad they are leaving today.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Martie said...

To the anonymous person who left the above comment in which I gladly deleted before anyone but me read it-

If you don't like my blog, don't read it.
But I know you will continue to stop by and read it. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Many peaple love to see the fagwi sailboats come (merchants)and go (the rest of us). All and all it is good to see some activity around the waterfront. I have some local friends that watch them come or go every year with a little picnic at Brant Point or at Jetties.