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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Around The Waterfront

The weather is slowly getting nice around here. People are getting out on the water more and more every day now. Here are a few scenes I took around the waterfront the past few days.

Captain Dave tinkering around-

Sailing school-

Moorings waiting to be set-

Ducks feeding in the shallows-

M/V Eagle rounding Brant Point-

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iVoted3x said...

Oddly, that other website has photos of Sesassscchaaaccchcaaacccaahachaca Pond opening. I didn't think there was any room over there for that kind of post between the yelling and screaming. I guess since the host is so beaten down having had his yack*** handed to him in the election, it's pretty quiet and there's room for that. But, it's not like them to scoop this site with vital waterfront scoops such as the pond opening. When do we get to see those photos here? Just asking...