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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nice Late Summer Day

I've been out of the loop lately but was able to grab a few shots around the waterfront.

Click on any picture to enlarge.

The offshore lobster boat, Merlin, coming in with a full load of pots-

Maurice Gibbs and his sailboat-

The Highlander. Does anyone know who owns her?

A nice little Nordic Tug in the mooring field-

And speaking of the mooring field, the wreck, Sargent, is STILL posing a severe hazard to navigation. It is going on three years now that the wreck has been there off Monomoy. I don't understand why this has been going on for so long. It is a miracle that nobody has crashed into it and has been killed as a result. Here is a picture of the wreck I took today at high tide-

A cormorant drying it's wings out in Hither Crick-

I saw what looks to be a coir bag on the beach at Quaise Point this afternoon-


Anonymous said...

The "Highlander" is Steve Forbes' boat...T

Martie said...

Thanks for that, cappy.
I get my multi-billionaire yacht owners names mixed up.

Jake said...

I'm pretty sure that Nordic Tug is an Isalnder's new boat! Congrats to him. That's a beauty Pete. It's blocking the SS Eyore in the Pic.


Martie said...

Are you sure that is the Eyore behind the Nordic Tug, Tootsie?
I thought she rotted away on Folger Ave years ago. Are we talking about the same boat? The one Floppy used to live on?

Jake said...

yeah. isn't his green and white Navy surplus boat the eyore?

Martie said...

I don't think Floppy's Navy surplus boat is the Eyore. I think he had another liveaboard boat years ago by that name. I'll ask him when I see him out on the water again.

Val D said...

Saw the comment from Jake and thought I’d give you a little EYEORE history.
My husband Mike bought Eyeore from a guy named Jensen who had named the boat the Tangier. The nameplate “Eyeore” was still on it at the time although the Bill of Sale was registered to him as the Tangier. Mike was told it was a sailing oyster fishing boat. It was 37 feet long. He lived on the Eyeore for two summers and a winter starting in 1984 (several years before we met). It had a living room, good size galley, two bunk beds, a head, and it had a wheel house up above that was set up as another bedroom. During the winter it was docked by the outflow for the Electric Co as it wouldn’t freeze there. Back then, Joe Lopes was in charge of the slips and charged him $300 for the season which was 10 months. That included electricity and water. Joe would also tow it in and out of the boat basin. As you might know the Eyeore didn’t have an engine or any evidence of one ever. It had an outboard bracket on the end, and the rudder had fallen off after a storm. Mike was going to sell it to a guy named Mark Answorth and unfortunately he wasn’t as diligent to pump it out as he should of (he felt bad about that) as it was way out in the harbor, and it went awash during a storm. Phil Osley, “Dirtwater” Dave, and Pete Kaiser, towed it over to one of the slips and my husband dove down and plugged up all of the holes. Then he sold it to Mark Answorth. Mark sold it to two girls and they fixed it up a little. That was the last he knew of it until we saw it on Folger Ave a few years back and then it disappeared.

Mike has fond memories of that boat. He said if the worms went on strike and stopped holding hands it would have sunk way back when.
The boat that Jake is talking about looks like Eyeore but it is not. Eyeore ended up just like he aways said; Old, beat up and woard away. Hidden under a pile of sticks somewhere.

Martie said...

Great story, Val! Thanks for providing us with the history of the old girl, Eyeore.
Last time I saw her, she was in the pines, rotting away on Folger Ave, I believe.