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Sunday, June 17, 2007

'Nother Nice Day

A few scenes from today:

The big sailboat from London anchored out in the sound this morning.

A tern resting on a harbor channel marker.

A triple header of bluefish I caught on an umbrella rig between the #5 can and the green light at the end of the east jetty. (I was fishing for bass).

A nice 52 Grand Banks trawler steaming down the main channel.

The Endeavor heading out with a full load.

George Bassett and family wire lining for stripers.

The Cormorant rookery at the rockpile at the end of the east jetty.

I counted at least 6 nests.


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, you used to cast swimmers into the rocks on the East side of the East jetty. Have you given that a try lately?


Martie said...

Actually it is the west side of the east jetty by the #5 can in the main channel. A great spot for stripers. I haven't tried there yet. Best time is low tide for that location.