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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Midwinter At The Waterfront

The harbor is in the process of freezing over. The past few nights the temperature has been in the low teens. During the day, it hardly makes it to 25 degrees or so. The south side of the harbor is frozen almost half way to Coatue. The ice field on the north shore around the Cliffside Beach area has extended further north the last day or so. I think that in another day or two, the harbor will freeze over completely.

There was a scalloper in the Boat Basin where he docks his boat this afternoon breaking ice so he will be able to get out and resume fishing whenever the temp makes it to the legal temperature of 28 degrees. Here's a picture of him using his boat to clear a channel-

And here's another picture of the ice on the harbor-

If you have an interest in bird watching as I do, a good place to go is the Jetties Beach area. I go down there every morning to see what birds are there. I always see at least 10 different species of birds when I'm there. When I was there today, I spotted the usual gulls-

And there is always a flock of Brant-

Here's a group of Plovers hunkered down-

Is this a Ruddy Turnstone? I'm still learning to ID birds.

That is just a small sample of birds I saw at the Jetties today.

Today's High & Low Temps.
High 23.7
Low 17.4

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