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Monday, February 5, 2007

Deer At The Waterfront

While I was making my rounds of the waterfront this afternoon, I spotted the above deer in the area of Hulbert Ave. at the Craig property. They were not bothered as I took their picture only a few yards away from them. You can see that one of the deer was very thin and sickly looking while the other one looked fat and healthy. Here's another shot of the deer on Hulbert Ave.-

I see deer all the time when I'm down around the Brant Point/Hulbert Ave./Jetties/Cliffside area especially early in the morning. I have even seen a deer in the back yard of the Middle Brick on Main Street!!

This week is going to be very cold. I suspect the harbor will partially freeze later in the week. Here's a shot of the Cliffside Beach area I took this morning-

You can see that slushy ice was already forming there close to shore. The ice field will no doubt extend much further north tonight with the temperatures forecasted to be in the low teens.

Only one fishing boat came in this weekend. It was the steel, western rigged, sea scalloper, Vila Nova do Corvo 1. Apparently she had broken down over the weekend and had to be towed out of here by the eastern rigged, sea scalloper, Vila Nova do Corvo. Not sure what the problem was that required her to be towed.

No bay scallopers went out today. They probably won't be able to go out again until next week.

AGM Marine, Robert B. Our and Lawrence Lynch were all busy working on their projects at the waterfront today. The cofferdam at Children's beach is not complete.

Today's High & Low Temps.
High 23.4
Low 12.4


Anonymous said...

Weren't the De Corvo and De Corvo I in here recently? Know where they are from? Haven't seen them before but they must have found a spot somewhere nearby...TL

Anonymous said...

My dog Max spooked a few down near Cliffside on Thursday. I have heard they go down to lick the salt on the sand...TL

Martie said...

Yes, the do Corvos have been here before. There are three of them, one eastern rigged and two western rigged. All three are home ported in New Beige.
If you go through the blog archives, you will se a picture of all three of them.

Anonymous said...

I think that "fat and healthy" deer is soon to be a mommy = : )

jared said...

There was a great shot in the Inky a few years back of a deer jumping the fence @ the Frank property on India Street!