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Friday, February 9, 2007

Brant Pt. After Sunset

It's been very very quiet around the waterfront as of late. Almost too quiet. We need a good storm and some boats in here to shake things up. In the meantime, the fuel tanker, Great Gull, arrived here late this afternoon and tied up at the fuel dock in the Boat Basin. Last night a tug and barge landed at Steamboat Wharf with a pre-fabricated house. I received a call from someone on the Cliff this morning telling me that the tug and barge were having a VERY hard time going back home across the sound. He told me that he was very surprised that the captain of the tug attempted to cross the sound under the conditions we had this morning. I guess he made it back to wherever he came from. I would not want to be on a little tug in the middle of Nantucket Sound on a day like today!

Good news to report on the Children's Beach boat ramp. The cofferdam was completed yesterday. I spoke to someone from the Marine Department today and he told me that they are ready to pump out the water in the dam. After that they are going to pour the concrete slabs for the ramp up on the beach in sections and then transfer them from the beach to the dam. Should be interesting to see that operation.

AGM Marine is finished installing the sheathing in front of the White Elephant. They moved their cranes and barges over to the east face of Straight Wharf today.

No Bay scalloping today. The temp did not make it to 28 degrees. Even if it had risen to the legal temperature, the guys would not have much open water to fish in. The harbor is slowly becoming iced over. If we ever lose this wind, it will freeze over completely overnight.

The Hy-Line has cancelled all of the Grey Lady's trips through next Monday. Apparently the ice in Hyannis Harbor is too much for her. Her engine water intakes get clogged with ice causing an overheating issue.
[EDIT] I just spoke with an old salt and he told me that the Hy-Line is still running . They are only canceling the night trips. Sorry if this caused anyone any confusion.

Today's High & Low Temps.
High 29.3
Low 19.9

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