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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Late Summer At The Waterfront

Summer is almost over. Thank God. I've had enough of the people and the horrific rudeness. I'm so looking forward to February when we can finally have our island back.

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Richard said...

Hang in there,in a couple weeks they all leave.Thank God! We hate them while they are here,speeding,rude,arrogant.But,they do pay the taxes so us locals can live here the other 40 weeks of the year.Look at it like this- they have to leave and we get to stay!

Linda said...

I absolutely love your cover photo!

Martie said...

Thank you Linda. I tried to get the sun's rays on the leafs.

Queen of Canvas said...

I've met more Standard Poodles this year than I've probably ever met in my life time??? I guess they're great on boats; but this is the first summer I've noticed them around the Town Dock (I've always liked Standard Poodles)