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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Commercial Scallop Season 2011. Week 2

We are well into the second week of the commercial bay scallop season. There still seems to be a fair amount of scallops around but the fleet is starting to jump around. Hopefully we will get another couple of weeks out of it. The price per pound paid to the scallopers was $11 per pound on opening day. Now it is $9 per pound. Still a good days pay for an hour or two of work each morning. Here are a few scenes I grabbed while I was out scalloping-

My boat just before sunrise.
Cold and grey harbor.
Richard Mack.
Richard Mack.
Getting ready to head out fishing. Straight Wharf.
Straight Wharf in the pre dawn.
Headed out to the scalloping grounds in my boat.
Ken Kelley.
Ken Kelley & Bernie.
Andy Roberts.
Part of the fleet fishing in the early morning fog.
Doug Lindley and Sergeant Ellis.
Smitty and his mate.
Frank Ballester & Bill Medeiros.

I set up one of my trail cams on video mode recently. This buck walked by the cam and at the last min, noticed it. He stopped short and sniffed it knocking it with his antler in the process. Never a dull moment out there! Take notice of how he is limping and the protrusion on his right side. Most likely he was in a fight with another buck as the rut is in full swing now.


Sharon said...

So good to hear there are scallops this year. I wonder what turned it around. I like the first shot with the sun ready to break the horizon.


Martie said...

Sharon, we have good years and not so good years. I have never seen a bad year scalloping. It's the same thing every year. Everyone talks about how scalloping can be better. Nothing ever changes and it never will in this industry. We will continue to have good years and not so good years. People need to stop studying it to death. It makes no difference. We are doing fine. Leave it alone.