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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Miss China Aground At Brant Point

The wreck, Miss China broke free from her mooring Sunday night during the storm and drifted onto the beach at Brant Point where she will stay until a salvage crew is arranged to tow her off.
Update: There are plans being made to remove the wreck from the beach at Brant Point. She will be towed to the Steamboat Wharf where she will be prepared to be towed to New Bedford and destroyed. A lot of people on Nantucket are happy to finally see the old girl leave the harbor.

1/3/2011 A tug towed the wreck to Steamboat Wharf today. A hazmat company was hired to remove the sewage from her. Not sure when the next tug will come and remove her from Nantucket for good. Stay tuned.

1/9/2011 The wreck is still tied up at Steamboat Wharf. All of the sewage and other hazardous materials have been pumped out of her. Not sure when she will be towed out of here. I want to be at Brant Point when she is being towed around the point bound for America. That will be the last time she ever rounds Brant Point.

Here, I had my trail cam set up at a buck rub. Several big bucks visited the rub including this one. Notice his antlers. The spike on one side and the fork on the other side. Click on the picture twice for a larger view.


Messy Jess said...

I was waiting to see if you'd post pictures...glad you did - great shots.

Anonymous said...

Great shots!

Greg said...

Martie, what side of the discussion do you come down on: pro-Miss China or con-Miss China? Great shots as usual.

Martie said...

Thanks Greg and everyone else.
I will not be offering my opinion of the Miss China here. Thanks. I will share my thoughts when I see you in person.

Sharon Van Lieu said...

That's a beautiful shot, Martie. You really captured the scene very well.


Martie said...

Thanks, Sharon. Never a dull moment around the waterfront!

Richard said...

After reading the Inky Mirror today,I think Blair Perkins should tow the Miss China off the beach.He brought it here,he's friends with the owner and he has a vessel capable of towing it back out of the harbor.Its a win-win situation for everyone,especially Joe Dooley.Think of the poor guy and his dogs stranded on the beach.My heart goes out to them,lets hope Blair does the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree! One waterman should help another

Dirck said...

Martie, very good shot of the hapless Miss China on the point. Sad to see a boat go down to the scrapper, but the town's frustration is understandable.