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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scenes from Scalloping 2010

I've been off the water for a while finishing up a job on land. I was able to get out commercial scalloping for a few days last week. The season doesn't look promising in the least. I am able to get my five bushel limit but I have to work at it. The days of getting my limit in one or two tows are long gone. There seems to be a bit of seed scallops showing up lately. If they survive the rust tide next summer it will be a miracle. In any event, here are a few pictures I took lately-
Postscript: I have added a new feature to my blog. At the end of each entry, I will post a picture of the buck of the week captured on my trail cam. Click on the picture to enlarge. Click twice for a larger picture.

Heading out to the scallop grounds in the early morning darkness.
Karsten & Tim Reinemo
Karsten & Tim Reinemo
Karsten & Tim Reinemo
Karsten & Tim Reinemo
Miss China
Boat Basin
Reflections at The Boat Basin
Sunset at the waterfront
Brant Point and the boathouse
A deserted Boat Basin
Bruce Cowan & father
Freddy Holdgate
Freddy Holdgate
Scalloping on a calm harbor
Penn & Sharon
Penn & Sharon
Buck Of The Week. From my trail cam. Click on picture to enlarge. Click a second time for an even larger picture. The tree on the right in the picture is a buck rub. The bucks rub their antlers on the tree to mark their territory. I had 9 different monster bucks visit this rub and have their pictures taken in the week that my trail cam was set up there.


Richard said...

Some of the fellas claim there is a ton of seed right hard against the beach from Folger's to U-Mass.Seems the gulls are getting most of it at low tide.Any word on moving it into deeper water? Its right hard against the beach.

Sharon Van Lieu said...

I like the shots taken around the boat basin and harbor in the evening light - so lovely and peaceful.


Martie said...

Yes, there is chatter about seed along the south side of the harbor from Quaise to Ducksholm. Matt Herr is trying to organize the scallopers to move it into deeper water. I wish him luck with that. You know it's impossible to get two scallopers to agree on anything concerning the scallop industry. I have noticed a huge flock of seagulls every day at low tide dining on the seed in the shallow water all along the south shore of the harbor as mentioned.

Martie said...

Thank You, Sharon. Nice night for picture taking. It was just me and a seagull down there. Perfect!

Liz Seacord said...

I've always wanted to get a trail cam...maybe Santa will be good to me this year! Well, we're growing some MONstas up here in Norton... 'can't wait to see all your buck photos. Keep posting! -- Liz

Martie said...

Liz, stay tuned. I will feature a new buck at the end of every post. I recommend the Cuddeback Capture Trail Cam.
It takes excellent pictures, especially the night pictures. Just make sure you lock it to the tree. Everyone who is into trail cams has had theirs stolen. Nothing will stop the thief but at least the lock may slow them down and force them to move on to an unlocked cam.
Here's a link for the cam: