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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Really Nice Morning

Really nice morning out there scalloping today. I grabbed a few shots on the way to the grounds.

Passing by Brant Point Light-

The M/V Martha's Vineyard on her first run of the day-

Sunrise over a peaceful harbor-


Anonymous said...

Wicked nice off-island, as well. Had to check up on the Shearwater at the yard. Nice flight back that afternoon too. Nice pics.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures today!!!

Martie said...

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

i love the "february no wake zone"

Martie said...

Yeah. You noticed that too. The captain hooks her up when he's directly opposite Brant Point Light. Is the no wake zone only used during the Summer months?

Anonymous said...

i would say its an unwritten rule, only cause there isn't anyone around to complain. the hy-line throws nothing in the summer compared to the iyannough's lengthy stream of one foot rollers that rip through the harbor.

-2 seasons of boat basin launch-ing here

karel said...

Looking at the fast Ferry made me think ,Having spend a few winters and other times in the past on the island scalloping and working on the ruthie b and other works,made me think there are two islands in my life one is terschelling where i grew up
the other Nantucket which i discovered has many things in common also the slow pace,feels like europe and fast and slow Ferry also Terschelling is one of the few place where cranberies grow
like nantucket,they say cranberries came from a barrel of that washed on shore later birds spread seeds allover the island,I look at your site once in a while and enjoy it,hanks

John Mclaughlin said...

Marty: I have misplaced your e-mail. If you could send it along It would be appreciated. Great photo's.
Keep healthy, John