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Friday, January 16, 2009

Blast From The Past

Blog reader, Rich Sullivan, sent me a picture to post. It's a shot of Eddie O'Brien on a mooring ball after the No Name Storm of 1991-

More old pictures. Matt Kniskern sent me pictures of his mother, Eugenie Stackpole heading in on the family's bay scallop boat. Notice they placed the scallops in burlap bags back then.

Matt also sent me pictures of a huge turtle a dragger brought into Nantucket sometime in the 1960's. His father, Frank Kniskern, took these pictures. I think Tobey Lesk is in one of the shots.


Anonymous said...

He looks familiar, how do I know him?

Anonymous said...

I like the fold down windshield on Kniskerns scallop boat.Lay it over when towing,stand it up and hook it when steaming.Notice the Montauk Whaler's bow under the leatherback turtle.Had to be around '69?

Martie said...

Yeah, it was sometime in the 60's. Tobey Leske would know, he's in one of those turtle pictures.