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Monday, October 27, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day At The Waterfront

Spectacular day today. Almost felt like Summer. I was poking around the waterfront early this morning and then again later in the afternoon in my boat. Here are a few scenes.

Early morning down at Straight Wharf-

Cormorants drying their wings on the rocks at Old North Wharf-

A Bittern?

The Miss China resting quietly on a still early morning harbor-

And the Miss China after sunset with interesting cloud formations above her-

The Miss China before sunset with the M/V Eagle arriving-

My scallop boat in for the commercial scallop season-


AGM's barge and crane at the end of Old North Wharf-

Becalmed. I ended up towing these folks from the general anchorage in the harbor to their mooring at Easy Street Basin with my boat as they lost the wind this evening-

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