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Friday, January 18, 2008

Bay Scallop Boat Sinks

There was a bit of drama out at the west end this afternoon. Two commercial bay scallopers are very lucky to be alive. I was working on land and noticed two guys in some serious trouble. Their boat had sunk and they were quite a ways from land. Luckily they were able to stay with the boat until a fellow scalloper noticed what was going on and rushed over to rescue them. I saw what was going on and contacted the Marine Department. They were on scene a few moments later to assess the situation. Eventually they were able to drag the boat close to shore and de-water her. She was then towed to the ramp at Madaket by the Marine Department's boat.

Here are a few shots I grabbed.

Moments after the sinking-

A closer look-

The Marine Department on scene along with the scalloper who rescued the two men-


Anonymous said...

Great news that the scallopers were rescued!! The fellow scalloper who saw and rescued them is certainly a hero! So glad that such a terrifying situation ended without harm.

As always Martie , thanks for keeping us informed.


Martie said...

Thanks, Jo.
Glad to be of service.