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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Old Boats/Interesting Boats

I always make it a point to cruise through the mooring field every time I'm out on the water in my boat. I'm a big fan of trawlers. I owned a 38' Marine Trader for a short time a few years ago.

This Hans Christian trawler caught my eye-

Here are a few oldies-

If you are a fan of Vikings, The Viking Rendezvous was held at the Boat Basin this weekend. There are around 50 of them at the docks.

This interesting old boat is moored in the NW corner of East Polpis Harbor. Her name is Speakeasy-

Breaking News:

Wayne Whippen's brand new 65' Viking arrived at the Boat Basin at 3 this afternoon ready to fish in the Angler's Club Billfish Tournament which starts tomorrow. Here's a picture of Wayne's new boat, "Tightlines."

1 comment:

jared said...

I saw "Tightlines" leaving Hyannis as we came in on the Eagle...not my style of boat, but she has sleek lines!