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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nobska Whistle

A few months ago, the old steamer, Nobska's whistle was salvaged and installed on the SSA ferry, Eagle. It can be heard all around the Island several times a day. For those of you that read this blog from afar and don't have the pleasure of hearing the whistle, I went down to the dock today as the Eagle was pulling out of her slip and grabbed the above video. You can hear the Nobska's whistle as she departs.

Work on the White Elephant dock project is going along nicely. The steel sheathing has been installed and the wood walkway has been completed. Here's a shot of the project thus far-

The new Children's Beach boat ramp project seems to have slowed down. It looks as though they are getting ready to build the concrete forms. I saw a truck with wood forms was delivered down at the site two weeks ago but it was never unloaded. An outfit called Shorey will be doing the concrete work. At this rate I'm not sure when the new boat ramp will be completed. Perhaps they are waiting for just the right temperature to pour the concrete.

Work over at the GLYC is progressing. Foundations for new buildings were poured and they are doing some more trenching as well. Sayle's Seafood is still open throughout all the construction.

Three guys went bay scalloping today and one in Madaket. They are averaging around three bushels per day. I hope to get out at some point before the season officially ends on the 31st of March. I am receiving reports from several scallopers that there is a huge amount of seed out there. I will report on that when I see it for myself.

Click on the picture below. A collection of a few of the blog pictures are available there. More pictures will be added in the future.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Martie! I've missed reading your Waterfront updates.


Anonymous said...

The cement contractor, Shorey, is owned by the Robert B Our Company who is doing the Childrens Beach project. I think you're right that they are waiting for moderating temps to do the concrete work.
Glad to see you're back "Around the Waterfront"


Martie said...

Thank You, Jo and Betsy. It's been very slow around the waterfront lately.

I did not know that Shorey was owned by the Robert B. Our Company.